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Terms and Conditions of using the services of Camberley Window Cleaning

The following Terms of Use is a legal contract between an individual user and Camberley Window cleaning.

We love our customers and what we do, so we have to establish some rules so that we protect the business and our current customers from potential dangers.


Please read these terms of use carefully. By accessing our site or using our services, you acknowledge that you understand, agree, and are bound by these terms.

Modification of Terms

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Prohibited Conduct

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1. Cancellations:

We as a family run business understand that sometimes there may be emergencies so please allow time to inform us about it. (Medical, school, work etc) We don’t accept on the door cancellations, and we ask our customers to let us know at least 24 hours before they are due a clean if planning to cancel. Failure to do so after repetitive times will incur an admin charge of 25£. This is to cover the cost of time and petrol used.

2. Weather:

We as UK window cleaners, reserve the right to undergo our services under all weather conditions except for heavy rain, snow and strong winds. 

Rain water doesn’t leave marks on the windows, and it’s a common occurrence in the UK, we can’t stop our services because of it. If you are not happy after we cleaned your windows in the rain, we will come back and fix it free of charge, but we do not take cancellations because of rain. Cancellations on the day will be subject to 25£ admin charge.

3. Payments:

We take online bank payments, cash and cheques.

We allow up to 10 days for this to be paid. After this the customer will receive a friendly reminder to pay.

If the above reminder is ignored we will send a warning that reached another 7 days without paying, we will be having to take action, and this will incur in a 40£ admin fee plus Court interest and compensation for delayed payment/failure to pay.

* If by unforeseen circumstances you can’t pay for any reason, please let me know in advance, as we take consideration for our customers and we will allow more time for this to be paid. However consider cancelling if you think this will be repeated after time.

4. Health and Safety:

Sometimes there may be times that we consider that a job, because of height, risk of falling or injury may be too dangerous, we may have to cancel the service unfortunately. There will be no charge on these occasions.

5. 48 hour guarantee:

If you are not satisfied with the services after the clean you can let us know within 48 hours of the job and we will come back and fix it for free. However if the windows are dirty because of the inside glass we will charge you 20£ for the time lost.

For new customers, it takes at least 2 cleans to achieve the optimum result. When windows haven’t been cleaned for months they won’t look perfect after the first clean.